The Powerful 3P Process

Welcome to the Powerful 3P coaching experience?

Where greater Positives and less Problems are Possible

What is 3P coaching? Simple.

  • It’s a streamlined process that identifies quickly what you want MORE and LESS of in your business or life.
  • It’s a clear measuring system to quantify and qualify those words
  • It’s 3 months of deep and focused one-on-one coaching specifically designed to help you achieve those desired results.

In fact, let’s go through the first step right now.

Just about everything that we’re wanting to improve and grow in our PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL world can be found in this POSITIVE list of P words.
Look at this delicious list.  Choose the three that stand out that you want MORE of in your business and in your life.

[accordion] [toggle title=Pacing:]Going the distance. Distributing action and effort for the long haul.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Palpitation:]What makes your heart race with excitement?[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pamper:]Treating yourself with love and kindness[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Paradigm:]Discovering new ways to think, feel and believe[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Parade: A celebration. Making a big deal.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Par-Excellence:]Being or experiencing and example of excellent quality.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Parry:]Deflecting and warding off blows and attacks[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Participation:]Engaging and interacting with others[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Partnering:]Sharing work, responsibility, reward and the experience.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Passion:]Your fire, what drives you, fills you with inspiration, joy and meaning.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Path:]A clear direction and course of action.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Patience:]Able to resist annoyance and urgency.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Peace:]Turmoil and conflict free. Letting go of the stress.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Peak:]Reaching the top. Testing your limits and going beyond.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pep:]Energy, drive, enthusiasm. To be spirited, lively and animated.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Performance:]Doing it right. Meeting other’s expectations.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Perjury:]Lying, deception or other false testimony.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Permission:]Authorization or consent–either from self or others.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Perseverance:]Sticking with it, facing the challenge. Making it through to the end.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Persistence:]Commitment and determination, especially when challenged.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Personal:]We are directly invested and connected–our thoughts and emotions are engaged[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Personality:]How others see you, how you engage with others.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Perspective:]Point of view. How you see things. Beliefs and truths.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Perversion:]A negative or harmful distortion or exaggeration of the truth.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Phun:](All right, I know it’s spelled wrong. But hopefully you know what this is.)[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Phenomenal:]Highly extraordinary and excellent.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Piggy Bank:]Your finances–specifically your saving and reinvesting in yourself.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pilot:]You are the one flying the plane. You are in charge.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Pinch me:]Am I dreaming? Too good to be true. Dreams fulfilled.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pinnacle:]The highest point of success. The top of the mountain or tower.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pioneering:]Exploration, discovery, stepping into unknown or unfamiliar territory. Paving the way for others.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pipeline:]Flow of Communication or the process of getting things done.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Planning:]Clear and established course of action.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Platform/ Pedestal:]Your foundation and support system and structure.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Players:]Your team. All the others that you engage with.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Playful:]Creative, exploring and fun activity or engaging.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Pleasure:]An enjoyable and satisfying experience.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Plentiful:]Abundance. More than you need.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Poke:]To agitate and stimulate into action.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Polish:]Smoothed and refined. All the rough edges and imperfections removed.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Positivity:]Confident. Empowered. Beneficial attitude, outlook and expectation.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Posse:]Support group. More than just a team. It’s who’s got your back, who do you trust and rely on.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Possibility:]Anything is possible. Unlimited options and directions.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Potent:]Inner strength and power.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Potential:]Your individual possibility. What lies within.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Power:]Strength. Grounded. Ability.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Practice:]Repeated actions to create a habit.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Precious:]That which we hold sacred and valuable.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Precision:]Accurate, exact and focused.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prepare:]Setting the foundation and creating the environment for the plan.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Present:]Being focused, grounded, aware. Right here, right now.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Present:]Put into action. Step out and make the offering.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Present:]A gift to be given and/or received–either of yourself or from the world around you.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prevail:]Do your best, no matter what.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prevent:]Handle obstacles, opposition and conflict, BEFORE they occur.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Priceless:]Undetermined value. Irreplaceable.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Pride:]High esteem and sense of self, dignity, merit or worth.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Primo:]First-class. Highly desired, valuable and essential.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Principle:]Placing yourself first, the most important, so that you can support others. The lead role.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Principle:]Your ethics, morals and guidelines.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Prioritization:]Identifying what’s most important.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Privilege:]An earned right or reward.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Proactive:]Looking ahead, preparing for a future event or outcome.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Process:]Remembering it’s not just the end result or outcome, but the journey.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Productivity:]The positive end result of your actions.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Professional:]Holding yourself (and others) to a higher standard of excellence.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Profit:]Making more than you’re spending. Money, energy, time, relationship, etc.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Projecting:]Looking into the future. Making empowering assumptions.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Promise:]Your sacred word. Your integrity. The commitments we make to others and ourselves.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Promptness:]Being on time. Respecting time. Utilizing time effectively and efficiently.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Proof:]Tangible or experiential evidence to support our assumptions, assessments and beliefs.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prosperity:]Attracting wealth. Thriving and flourishing in abundance.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Proud:]Pleasure or satisfaction of accomplishment.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Provision:]Attending to the basic needs or supplying the factors needed to function.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Psyched Up:]Inspired or in the frame of mind to bring your best.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pumped up:]High excitement, enthusiasm and energy.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Punctual:]On time, respecting other’s time.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pure:]Untainted or uncontaminated. Free from blemish or undesired elements or experiences.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Purge:]Get rid of impurities and the things that aren’t serving you.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Purpose:]Having a clear intention, desire and reason for being or action.[/toggle][/accordion]

Likewise, most of the things that are either undesired or are getting in our way can be found in this PROBLEM list of P words.

Scan through and select the 3 that are showing up in your business or in your life that you want LESS of.

[accordion] [toggle title=Pain:]The experience of conflict, obstacle. Suffering or distress.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Panic:]A sudden, overwhelming fear that causes irrational behavior, loss of rational thought and clear judgment.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Paralysis:]Stuck. Unable to move. The feeling of helpless inactivity.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Paranoia:]Unfounded suspicious and negative assumptions.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Parasite:]Those who are sucking the energy)[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Passive:]Inaction. Indirect or uncommitted and stagnant being.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Passive-Aggressive:]Expression displeasure or negativity in an indirect manner. Withholding.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Past:]Holding onto what happened (or the belief of what happened.)[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Patchy:]Inconsistent behavior or action.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pathetic:]A judgment evoking pity or contempt.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Patsy:]Easily taken advantage of or given unearned blame.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pavlovian:]Automatic conditioning and reaction. Abdicating responsibility or choice.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Peacock:]Strutting around with arrogance and vanity.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pedantic:]A narrow concern for rules, particularly to impress others.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pent Up:]Confined, restrained, not able to express or vent.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Perfection:]The attempt to create a flawless experience, cover all the bases and prevent any mishap.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Performance Anxiety:]The concern of doing it right and trying to control how others will react and receive.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Persistence:]Things sticking around. Not able to let go of what’s not serving you.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Persecution:]Harassing or oppressive treatment, typically unfair or unwarranted. To annoy or trouble consistently.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Persona non Grata:]Unwelcome or unacceptable person. Being ostracized or rejected.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Pessimism:]Negative thoughts and assumptions, already predicting an unpleasant outcome.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pest:]A continually annoying person or experience. A nuisance that won’t go away.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pet Peeves:]Those things that irritate, push your buttons and drive you nuts.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Petty:]Focusing on things of little or no importance, narrow ideas. A meanness of spirit.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Petrified:]Overwhelmed with fear and anxiety.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Phony:]Inauthentic. Not showing true self, thoughts and feelings, but rather presenting a false image of who you are.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pigheaded:]Stubborn, unyielding, not willing to move, compromise or be open to any alternative. Close-minded.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Piling:]Overwhelmed. Taking on (or being assigned) more than you can handle.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Plain:]Ordinary. Common. Insignificant. Dime a Dozen. Unattractive and uninteresting.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Poison:]Toxic. Harmful. Deadly to health: mind, body, emotion or spirit.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Polarization:]Stuck between two contrasting positions, unable to move. No way out. No viable solution.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pollution:]A harmful or destructive environment, usually noise related, or the atmosphere.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Pooped:]Exhausted. Low energy. Drained.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Poor:]Low income, money issues, experiencing or feeling lack or absence. Can be money related, but can also be other things.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Power struggle:]The competition and conflict to obtain dominance and control, either within self or with another.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Powerless:]The inability to create impact. Feeling helpless and ineffective.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Predatory:]Hunting. Overbearing, manipulative and selfish motives. Feeding off the weak.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prediction:]Already knowing the outcome. Helpless to change course or result.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prejudice:]An automatic opinion based unfairly without knowledge, thought or reason.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Preoccupied:]Distracted, split focused, unable to concentrate.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Pressured:]Feeling weight, manipulation or force from another or overwhelming circumstances.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pretending:]Creating an illusion or facade. Presenting yourself as something you’re not. Living a lie.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pretentious:]An assumption of dignity, entitlement, power or deserving, typically unearned or exaggerated.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prisoner:]Trapped. Confined. Sentenced without relief or hope in sight. [/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Probability:]Using past performance and data to predict the outcome. Relying on statistics rather than possibility.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Problem:]Focusing on the circumstances and symptoms rather than the core or underlying factor. Typically using band-aids[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Procrastination:]Avoiding, delaying or putting off that which needs to be done.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prohibition:]Forbidding, preventing or hindering an action or activity.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Promiscuous:]Willing to sacrifice or compromise integrity or morals to achieve.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Prosecution:]Being picked on and placed on trial for judgment.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Provoked:]Being angered, exasperated, and irritated by another.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pusillanimous:]Lacking courage or resolution, cowardly, faint-heated or timid.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Pulled apart:]Stretched between two or more options, situations or individuals, each striving equally to win.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Punished:]A penalty or consequence in response to an action or behavior, whether deserved or undeserved.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Puny:]Feeling small, unimportant or insignificant.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Purgatory:]Stuck in an empty space of endless punishment, pain and suffering.[/toggle][/accordion]
[accordion] [toggle title=Push:]Exerting great energy to make something move.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Pushed Back:]Feeling the exertion of great energy against you in an attempt to force withdrawal or surrender.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Put Down:]A disparaging, belittling or dehumanizing remark or act designed to humiliate, embarrass or devalue.[/toggle][/accordion] [accordion] [toggle title=Puzzling:]Confusing, seemingly unsolvable situation.[/toggle][/accordion]

NOW contact me and let’s get you on a path to making that happen with the powerful 3P Package.

3 coaching sessions a month for 3 months.

In that time we will identify each of these P’s that you’ve selected more deeply and design a plan to get you MORE of what you wish and LESS of what you want.